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happy chanyeol during nature republic fansign


Kris is the shield (leader) that protects and takes the first hit.
Luhan is the sword (vocals) that voices out and makes the first attack.

I hope this puts the end to all the Kris, Luhan and OT10 stans fighting. We are not here to fight. We all started together. We are always one. Don’t ever forget that.


still here, for each and every one of you

a very exhausted luhan trying to catch his breath
(feat. jongin stealing worriedly glances at him) ©

we love you too, luhan


kris and luhan reuniting. kris wearing all that fancy clothing, luhan lookin like a man. the breeze is warm and calm, they both look each other right in the eyes. luhan tries to speak but the words are trapped in his throat. kris smiles; luhan takes a deep breath: “YO, YO, YO, MAN” is heard before they break into a hug. fin. 

When you love someone you become their armor, keeping them safe from anything that can hurt them, even if it means that you’ll get wounded, using yourself as a shield in order to protect them. And that’s what Minseok has become. But that’s okay, Minseok is okay, because he believes that one day, one morning, when Luhan wakes up in his cold room somewhere in Beijing, he will realize that Minseok’s warmth is all that he needs
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