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Welcome to EXOtic Country. I am an EXO-L named Stephanie. I can speak Chinese and English, so do talk to me. I would love to make friends with everyone of you. I mainly ship these couples: Fanxing, Baekyeol and Kyungmyeon (SUDO). I am open to other ships too. Enjoy your stay at EXOtic Country. ||
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saving you

pairing: chanyeol x lay 
status: completed, oneshot
rating: pg-13 
warning/note: bullying
summary: Yixing and Chanyeol are opposites. Chanyeol really wants Yixing as his friend. Really.

[ aff ]

because one mic for kyungsoo is not enough according to chanyeol

₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡  [x]


this post reminded me of chansoo

Chanyeol is treading on VERY thin ice


Chanyeol: I think it’s a good idea to mess with Soo’s shirt because he will totally let me live.


Kyungsoo: this bitch


Chanyeol: he.


Chanyeol: heimage

Chanyeol: he. Just kidding…don’t kill me please.image

How is Chanyeol still alive?


The sad life of Do Kyungsoo.... (credit to owners)
chanyeol trying (and failing) to convince kyungsoo they did spend christmas together...

it’s okay, it’s the kangwoo mask

tough love from chansoo